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LOVE: Leather Jackets

leather jacketsMany Latinos don't like fur. But leather jackets? We love them! Latino men and women alike. Relax, PETA fanatics, some of us are against the cruelty of animals and we opt for the faux ones. *ahem* Leather is just beautiful from the supple napa and nubuck to full and top grain, suede, vintage, distressed, or glazed, ugh, I'm weak in the knees! We love them so much that we will pay a lot of money for the ones we really want. We may bargain shop for everything and anything else, but for the right leather jacket, we will not hold back. It is pretty, durable, and stylish. The way we see it is if nobody wears'em somebody's gonna eat'em!

LOVE: Puffy Coats

HATE: Comparisons