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LOVE: Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, & Easter

Latinos LOVE Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, and EasterGood Friday is a religious holiday that's holy for many Christians. This day is observed to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and to serve as a reminder that he died for our sins. It is a time for fasting, repentance, and spiritual cleansing. Some of us may forgo eating meat from the first day of lent, Ash Wednesday, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not counted) all the way until Easter Sunday/Passover.

On Ash Wednesday a priest will place ashes on your forehead in the form of a cross signifying  that you're mourning the death of Christ. Palm Sunday is the Sunday that falls one week before Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is a celebration of Christ's resurrection. It's a very special holiday for many of us where we mustn't eat meat, especially during that Holy Week where you will gather with your family on Good Friday, pray, pass the bread and fish around the table during dinnertime and one of your metiche relatives will ask, "No one ate meat this week, right?" Conscious that you had a busy hungry week you disregard the ham sandwiches and KFC you devoured on your way home from work as you defensively reply, "Are you nuts? Of course NOT!"

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