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LOVE: Taking Things Too Lightly

not funyIt is rare that you will hear a Latino complain about anything, believe it or not. Why? Because we take things too lightly. There are causes we may be vocal about, but for the most part we tend to remain silent, ignore it, or pretend it didn't happen. This happens too often within the Latino community. Let's say someone says something racist about Latinos. I am certain many Latinos will laugh it off and take it as a joke. However, I bet you anything that if it were the other way around things wouldn't work the same way. If you say something about someone that is racist, prejudice, or inappropriate that person, it could be anyone, be it White or Black, will be QUICK to STOP you. Yet, when anyone says something negative about Latinos and we don't see it as humorous, we're playing the race card, we're too rigid, we're race-baiting, we lack a sense of humor, etc. When someone says something that's not right, tell them when they're wrong. I don't care who it is. It's never too late to educate others. I'm sure they'll tell you and won't have second thoughts about it. There are some things we shouldn't take too lightly.

HATE: Taco Bell

LOVE: Being Honest