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LOVE: Lucy Roman (Singer)

lucy romanI LOVE this woman! Lucy Roman is a singer. Roman was known in the Latino community as the "Defender of Women." She is (or was) a talented artist, one that unfortunately I have no information on. Sad. I know. I've searched EVERYWHERE for her bio and found NOTHING. NADA.

Her prime was in the 70s and early 80s. I started listening to her music when I was 3 years old. If you ask, I'd tell you this is the first Latina feminist I knew. (Okay. Fine. The second. My mom was the first. *lol* Hooray for strong women!) This woman sang songs that made men come correct. She empowered all women, particularly, those suffering from domestic violence. Roman was fierce, she was a kick-ass, no nonsense chickadee, and her lyrics made women feel like they could put a red cape on and start kicking down doors. You see what my parents exposed me to at an early age?

(Thanks mom and dad! (My dad liked her too!) :lol:

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