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LOVE: Suffering from Mamitis

la suegraMamitis is not a real word, well, it is now because Latinos invented it. Mamitis is a person who depends on their mother too much (basically, they're still hooked to the umbilical cord). Most Latinos have mamitis we just LOVE our moms a lot. I'm sure there are a few Latinos who hate their parents (very rare), but the majority of us not only respect them, we see our moms as sacred beings. Don't mess with our momma! People who suffer from mamitis there's no winning with. If you find a Latino man who puts his mom on a pedestal, I feel sorry for you if you don't get along with la suegrita, because she has everything to win (you're fighting a losing battle). Cut your losses. Let her be the only good mama he'll ever get. Mamitis = Latina moms who are reigning queens to their offspring and there isn't anything you can do about it. Do you or someone you know suffer from mamitis?

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