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LOVE: Men Ponytails

Men Ponytails: Few Latino men LOVE ponytails on... THEMSELVES. What's with men in general letting their hair grow super long? I admit that it does look sexy on some men (i.e., David Beckham) but for the rest of you, it is not the most attractive thing in the world. (The man bun is cuter.) I have a cousin who has a ponytail since the 80s. He trims it once in a while, braids it, or leaves it loose when he does not want to make a fashion statement. It makes him look like "The Littles." If you do not know who The Littles are it means that either you are too young or I am too old, but since I am a fair optimist, I'm sure it is the former.

Have you ever seen a man with long hair kissing a woman with long hair and you think it is two women with long hair making out and it turns out that they are not lesbians, just a heterosexual couple, but the man likes his ponytail and there, you got all aroused for nothing. Pervertido!

HATE: Imaginary Friends

LOVE: Long Hair