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LOVE: Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) December 24th

Celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday is huge for Christian Latinos, this is why we make a big bash to honor Him the day before all the way until the 25th! Latinos love celebrating what we call "Noche Buena" (good night) that you all know as Christmas Eve. Christmas day is great, but December 24th is what is mostly celebrated among us and by midnight we party even harder commemorating the Lord's son, and even letting the children stay up late to open their gifts when the clock strikes twelve. When I was a little girl, I always looked forward to this. After a few years, we stopped celebrating the Three Kings Day (it's traditional, but instead of opening our gifts on January 6, we would open them on Christmas Day like most Americans). I was so young, and staying up hasta las doce was tough, but no matter how sleepy I was I fought with those lids, keeping my eyes wide open to unwrap my well-deserved gifts (I was a good girl all year long ;) ). I managed to stay awake and found the energy to play with my toys for an extra hour or two. I ♥ the holiday season!

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