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LOVE: Overfeeding You

LATINOS love overfeeding you. It is common courtesy that if you visit a relative or Latino household (and if they aren't cheap) they should ask you to stay for dinner. Not only do they invite you and feed you, they OVERFEED you. They put tamales, plantains, pork, potatoes, rice, beans and pasteles on your plate making you feel like you have your very own personal buffet. You EAT. TALK. EAT. TALK. As soon as you're almost finished eating, someone will ask, "Would you like some more? You didn't eat enough, that's why you are so skinny si no comes nada!" You say "NO" because frankly you are ready to explode and can't even get up from your seat due to how full you feel.

You unfasten your pants and the thought of even looking at more food makes you sick to the stomach. But sure enough, here comes the abuela with yet another scoop! She'll say, "Come. Ustedes hoy en dia comen porquerias, por eso estan malnutridos." In order not to make them feel bad (it doesn't hurt that the food is uber delicious either) you go for a second round. They will give you another entrée followed with dessert and coffee. They will also give you additional food for you to take home.

As you leave the party un bocon will say, "Mira se fue con las manos llenas, el que no queria comer na'!"

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