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LOVE: Pimpinela

Latinos LOVE Pimpinela. Pimpinela is an Argentinian singing duo composed of brother and sister: Lucia Galan Cuervo and Joaquin Galan. Although born in Argentina they are of Spanish descent. Lucia is a talented woman who became famous for grabbing men by the cojones with her songs. Her lyrics are extremely strong, powerful and empowering to women. And it made men feel emasculated. Many Latino men felt that Pimpinela's songs had a misandrist tone to them. They criticized her brother (Joaquin) heavily for participating and not fighting back (in defense of men) in their music.

On the other hand, women worshiped the group (and secretly, we think, so did many of those chauvinists too). ALL of their songs were hits. That would explain the 50+ discs going gold/platinum and over 18 million albums sold worldwide. They never had a dull verse. Two of their most popular songs to date are "Olvidame y Pega La Vuelta" and "Ese Hombre" (with Dyango).

Going strong since June of 1981 they are still around blessing us with their presence and wonderful music.

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