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LOVE: Piraguas o Raspado

Latinos love Piraguas. Piraguas are a Puerto Rican frozen treat made of shaved ice placed in a small cone shaped cup and then covered in artificial fruit flavored syrup. The piragüero (the one who sells and makes the piragua in front of you) has many fruit flavoring options for you to choose from: cherry, sesame seed, coconut, strawberry, watermelon, sugar cane, tamarind, pineapple, grape, etc. And they all taste really good. It is a win-win situation and so great to eat on a hot summer day.  You can find them in Puerto Rico or anywhere in the United States mainly in Latino neighborhoods.

Special shout-out to Mr. José Colon! Colon is the man in the image above. He lives in Puerto Rico and just comes down to Newark, NJ each summer to sell piraguas. I've been buying piraguas from him for years! Thank you Mr. Colon!

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