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LOVE: Platanos (Plantains)

platanos lrLatinos love platanos (fried green bananas). We love them so much that Chinese people said, "To hell with strictly Chinese food, we're offering these Latinos some platanos, tostones, patacones, tajadas!" If you go to any Chinese restaurant, rest assure that they will offer PLATANOS on the menu. We're not kidding.

We LOVE them so much we make them in different ways. And converted them into other types of foods, yet still a platano: Platano Maduro (sweet plantains), Mofongo (crushed plantains), Mangu (plantain puree). You mess with a platano, you mess with us! If you are tired of rice and beans with any type of carne (meat), just add platanos and ALL will be better. If you don't want the rice, just eat'em alone with chicken or soup. And we can go on and on. No matter where you are from you will love platanos, so if you've NEVER tasted a platano before now is the time to do so! Go to a Chinese or Spanish restaurant nearby and ask for platanos or tostones. They are a Latino favorite usually eaten  with our "secret" sauce made out of mayo/ketchup.

Go ahead and eat a platano, when you do you will know what the HYPE is all about!

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