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LOVE: Pressuring You to Have Children

babyWe've mentioned how much Latinos love their family. We also wrote about how much we love copulating. (We're the fastest growing ethnic minority group for a reason, increasing by the gazillions!) What I didn't write about is how much pressure our parents put on us to have children. If I had a dollar for every time my mom asks me for grandchildren, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. When you tell Latinos you don't have children yet, and you're no longer in your twenties (even in your twenties they still wonder) they look at you as if you belong to a different species. They either assume you are gay, an asexual, or insane. They are blunt to ask, "What are you waiting for?" Latinos must think babies come in boxes! They don't do it to bully or demean you. They just don't understand. It isn't logical to them. It's not the norm. Indeed, children are precious, but that's a lifetime responsibility. It is best to wait for the right time and enjoy your freedom.

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