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LOVE: Pretending we Speak Perfect Spanish

speak SpanishLatinos LOVE pretending they speak perfect Spanish, only when it is convenient for them. Or is this just something I do? I remember years ago applying for a job that being bilingual was the main requirement. Hellooo. I'm a Latina. I am bilingual. I speak Spanish all the time! I never said I speak it well. Honestly, my Spanish is actually very good, but is there room for improvement? Eh, alright... YES. Anyhow, I landed the job. My boss asked me to translate a couple of things for him. And I immediately tackled the project— on Google. And got caught. He said, "OMG, you're not on Google Translate? Are you!" *lol* He said, "I can't believe I'm a gringo and I know more Spanish than you do!" Nothing that I'm proud of. But out of the two I had something he didn't— a mom whose Spanish is flawless! Woot Woot! Once again, I saved the day. Or my mom. One and the same. We get things done baby!

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