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LOVE: Putting Their Foot in their Mouth

OMGI was at the hair salon the other day and this lady walks in. She had such a vibrant personality. She sat next to me, was very talkative, likable, and lively. She started showing me pictures of her children and grandchildren. She shared some wisdom and talked about how awesome life is and that one must live it to the fullest. She was super cool! She told me no one could ever guess her age. Then she challenged me, "Guess what age I am, guess it!" I hesitated because I suck at guessing games. But I tried being generous and said, "Um, gee, fif—ugh, fifty eight?" Her facial expression totally changed. That's when I knew I screwed up. She responded, "¡Mira está nena adding more years to my life! I'm 47!"

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