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LOVE: Raphael

raphaelRaphael was born as Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez on May 5, 1943 in Linares, Spain. He is a Spanish singer and actor. He started singing when he was just a child, but began gaining popularity in the 60s. If you ask any baby boomer Latina about Raphael their eyes would light up just talking about him. His career took off and by the 1980s he was singing duets with famous stars such as Rocío Dúrcal. In 1972, he married journalist Natalia Figueroa in Italy. The couple had three children. In 2003 his liver began to fail, but was fortunate enough to get a transplant. He's now an advocate for organ donation. Raphael is currently 72 years old, still performing and touring with no plans to retire.

HATE: When People Touch Our Hair

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