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LOVE: Sabado Gigante!

Latinos LOVE ¿Cómo Dice Que Dijo? Sabado Gigante! A show that seems like a telethon from hell that won't stop—given every Saturday—for 100 million hours. The host of "Giant Saturday" is Chilean journalist Mario Kreutzberger better known as Don Francisco. SG is muy successful. Want to know what's so giant about it? For starters, you have to spare over three hours worth of time, once a week, every Saturday, of every month, every year, since 1962 to watch it!

Hey, they bring you hot Latina models (that no one else will hire), live entertainment, games, music, celebrities, comedy and even give you a chance to win a BRAND SPANKING NEW CAR all in ONE show! Eat it Price is Right we've got the Don! They also have a blond comedian by the name of  "La Cuatro" who always says double meaning sleep inducing jokes. In addition, they introduced to our Latinlicious world—El Chacal. El Chacal plays a judge on the show. His job is to kick off contestants who can't sing. If a singer sings a song out of tune El Chacal will mercilessly play his trumpet indicating that the horrible singer is finito! Eat it Simon Cowell! One thing you'll find oddly strange about the host, Don Francisco, is that just like Walter Mercado, he NEVER ages! Ever! We're beginning to think they are vampires.

Anyhow, what are you doing still reading this? Vete... a mover la colitaaaa!

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