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Sábado Gigante Bids Farewell

don franciscoAfter being on television for more than half a century, Sábado Gigante is finally coming to an end. Hallelujah! The last episode will air on September 19th of this year. We already mentioned The Don and his show on this blog. What are your thoughts? Will you miss the one host other than Walter Mercado who never ages, and El Chacal, a nicer version of Simon Cowell? Was it long overdue? Now we have to find a new hobby for our grandparents on Saturdays. When you break the news to your grandmother make sure she is still breathing. And check her pulse while you're at it. My abuelita loves this show more than me. And she loves me a lot! Au revoir!!

LOVE: Ivan 2Filoz

Happy Cinco de Mayo!