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LOVE: Building a Snowman

OLAFLatinos LOVE building a snowman. When it snows, I LOVE it. It's beautiful, shiny, and soft. Snow Angels? Yes. Snowman? NO. I could never build a snowman and from the looks of it, neither could my neighbor. Look at the snowman he built. That is a GHETTO snowman. He has no eyes, nose, mouth, only one arm, and no hat or scarf. Poor snowman. We suck so bad at building a snowman we make them incapacitated. This snowman is no competition for Olaf. If this snowman could talk, it would beg for the sun to melt it ASAP. Do you know how to build a snowman?

LOVE: Al Pacino (Scarface)

LOVE: Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin)