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LOVE to Speak Code Language

top secretWe love to speak code language. When we want to express something we may have names for people no one understands or speak in codes. I know growing up my mom taught my sisters and I a code game that I will share with you (with hesitance). It's a TOP Latino secret. The language, which isn't real (it's made up). Is a playful way to say something without anyone knowing what you're talking about. It's called "Jeringonza" (gibberish).

What we do is break the word into syllables and substitute the prefix to change each word around. For instance, we use "Chi" (In Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil, and Italy is done slightly different they may use the "P" or "F" instead of the "CHI" and other rules may apply). The other person needs to know the game in order to understand you. So, if I want to tell you your ex-boyfriend Carlos just entered the room, don't look. I will say, "ChiCar-Chilos-Chiis-Chiin-Chithe-Chiroom-Chidon't-Chilook." You can research it, but I wish you luck on trying to master it. Even if you figure it out, you have to be swift, because we say it so fast it's difficult to decipher what we're saying. It's only for FUN that we do this, especially when we were kids.

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