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The Perfect Human is Puerto Rican

PUERTO RICAN WOMENNope. This is not a hoax. This is real news. CNN reports that according to a study done by biologists at the University of Berkeley, genetically, Puerto Rican women are the perfect human. They believe it is due to their Taino (Indian), African and Spanish heritage. CNN reports that the "perfection is in the diversity." Researcher, Lior Pachter (a computational biologist who works in genomics) states the perfect human was a Puerto Rican woman named Yuiza.

yuiza_s-lindPachter adds, "In a Women in the diaspora study, Puerto Rican women born on the island but living in the United States were shown to be 53.3±2.8% European, 29.1±2.3% West African, and 17.6±2.4% Native American. In other words, to collect all the “good” alleles it is necessary to be admixed, but admixture itself is not sufficient for perfection."

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