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There's NO Light-Skinned Latinas vs. Dark-Skinned Latinas

latina celebritiesThere's NO light-skinned Latinas vs. dark-skinned Latinas. If someone tells you there's light-skinned Latinas vs. dark-skinned Latinas, it's a myth. Latinos HATE when people think we hate each other because of how we look. There's no dark-skinned Latinas vs. light-skinned Latinas. I know this is something that happens in the Black community. However, it is NOT an issue for Latinos. I repeat. This is NOT an issue for Latinos. While society may be more accepting of White looking Latinas than Black Latinas, we don't have that animosity towards each other. White looking Latinas get along very well with Black looking Latinas and vice versa, especially in the US. There's NOT that competition or hatred between us because our complexion may be lighter or darker. If there are Latinas who hate other Latinas it can be for many other reasons, but not because one is dark and the other is light. If anything, some Latino men may prefer dark skinned or tanned skin Latinas over whiter ones. There's so much variety within us. Not to say there isn't racism among us, there IS. And colorism does exist, especially throughout Latin America.

There will be some old school (and possibly some young ones too) Latinos who will probably say, "Tina is prettier than Rose because she's lighter." Fine. That's their ignorance. But will Tina and Rose stop being friends because of it? Not at all.

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