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LOVE: Thinking They Are All Doctors

Latinos LOVE thinking they are ALL doctors and that they know what will happen to someone you know who was just diagnosed with a potentially terminal disease. No Comprende? We will explain. Okay. Were you ever told that one of your relatives was ill? Most likely you are so down and depressed you don't know who to confide in. Afraid that no one will understand your pain, you finally decide to let it out and call your best Latino friend. You find yourself in dire need of some motivation and encouragement, instead you get more than what you bargained for. We will give you a rundown:

-Hola Pedro, te llamé porque me siento de la patada. El doctor me acabo de decir que mi abuelo tiene cancer.

-Wow, amigo, que pena. Te puedo ayudar en algo?

-Pedro, esto me cojio de sorpresa. No se que hacer.

-Mira, no te preocupes. Mi tia paso por lo mismo.

-Ah sí? Y ella está bien?

-No chacho, ella murio. La enterramos hace años! Cuida a tu abuelo que a su edad lo dudo que se ponga mejor. Se va a joder!

You see, they all know the outcome. Forget advanced technology. Dr. Pedro has got the answers!

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