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Two Pairs of Colombian Twin Brothers Switched at Birth, Destiny Brings Them Back Together

colombian twin brothers switched at birthTwo women were giving birth to a set of twins in Colombia around the same time, and what happened next is what many mothers fear, their newborns were later switched at a hospital in Bogotá. The women thought they gave birth to fraternal twins, but in reality, they were supposed to bring home identical ones. Although Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro, William Cañas Velasco, Carlos Alberto Bernal Castro and Wilber Cañas Velasco grew up believing their twin brothers were their siblings, destiny revealed the unknown to them. The New York Times wrote a great and very detailed story on them. I recommend you read it only if you have some Kleenex handy! The Castro and Velasco brothers came from different economic backgrounds, and the opportunities that were afforded to one set of twins was not possible for the other. Nonetheless, the way this mix-up was discovered is one you need to read. Their reunion brought laughter, tears, and joy. This tale has its sad parts, but we'll give you a spoiler alert— there's a happy ending.

Image property of The New York Times

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