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LOVE: William Levy

Latinos LOVE William Levy. William Levy is a Cuban model and actor who is finger licking good looking. He is young, hot, talented and packing! Talk about representing for Cuba. The Cuban-American actor with an angelic body and heavenly eyes is a Latino favorite. He arrived to the United States at age 15.

Growing up he had a passion for baseball, yet he studied Business Administration in college, only to later drop out to pursue acting in Los Angeles. He was a model for Next Models, but made a name for himself via two reality shows: Isla de la Tentación and Protagonistas de Novela. This eventually got him recognized and now he is in many popular Spanish novelas. He is still working as an actor and has two children with Mexican-American actress, Elizabeth Gutierrez. Go ahead, envy her!

LOVE: Guillermo Dávila

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